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Q. Which control Panel should I choose? cPanel, H-Sphere or Proprietary

A. If you are paying someone to develop your site, ask them for their preference. We all work faster in a familar environment, so letting your developer use a control panel that they are familiar with shold save you money in the long run.

When you are transferring an existing site over to Web Wide Hosting, the choice can become a little more difficult.

As a general rule, transferring to the same control panel that you are currently using is the quickest, easiest and most trouble-free option.

If the account that you wish to move to is on a different control panel, it would pay to consult with the appropriate technical support team first.

Most hosting accounts can successfully be migrated from one control panel to another, but the process is not always quick or easy. Be prepared for the transfer to take somewhat longer, and allow for some de-bugging in the first few days of operation.

If you are hosting for the first time, and you are not using a developer, then the choice is completely arbitrary.

In this situation, we recommend that you choose all the other required features for your hosting account, and let those choices guide you to the correct control panel for your choice.

Work out what features that you want your hosting account to have, what your price bracket is , and what server location.

Generally this will reduce you to a choice of one plan type and one control panel.

Incidentally, if you are considering an account change that will move you to different control panel, don't be unduly concerned about your ability to 'learn' the new panel.

We have a number of customers that have migrated from cPanel to H-Sphere and vice-versa, and all have made the transition successfully.

We even have one client who runs accounts on all three of our control panels!
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